Rockdale Inspire Academy

About Rockdale Inspire Academy

Rockdale campus is located inside the Center for Success and Independence – Rockdale Academy. The city of Rockdale is a rural community about 50 miles northeast of Austin. Youth Opportunity Investments operates the facility and is licensed by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

The Rockdale Center is a 65-bed locked-down facility serving both pre- and post-adjudicated male and female youth. The facility provides a safe, secure, therapeutic environment that encourages residents to make positive life changes.

Our school staff includes a principal, registrar, core content teachers (math, science, social studies, and English), and support staff.

From the Principal's Desk

Hello and welcome to Rockdale. On our campus, we strive to help students fall in love with education. We realize that education is more than just curriculum and testing—we have the privilege to be a part of the students’ journey to greatness. I personally meet with all students to establish a personalized learning plan. We set educational goals and monitor students’ progress every 30 days. Students are with us for such a short amount of time in the educational career, we want to make the most of their time here with us. We are fortunate to have highly qualified educational staff, premier technology, and educational programming that help us determine where students are academically and move them along towards success. As students attend classes with us, they are earning credits that will transfer back home when they leave. In addition, we offer a credit recovery program that allows eligible students to access coursework in areas where they are behind in credits. Ultimately, we want students to be successful and back on track towards graduation when they transition back home.

Best regards,

Tamra Vance, Principal

Our Administration Staff

Tamra Vance

Tisha Hirt